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Please follow the steps below to implement this program.

  1. First you need to send Money (PayTM) Rs.50/- each of the 7 members to the PayTM ID mentioned below.
  2. The initial 2 are the Administrators, who will help you in creating a website for you and other continuation activities which bunbles your website Hosting and administrative cost. Rest of the 5 are the member's ID’s, who joined by investing Rs.350/-.
  3. Once you send the 50 INR to all the members, we will create a domain or a website with your name. You will get a website similar to the one you are reading now .
  4. In your website (, we will place your address at #5 position. The #1 position address will be deleted and #2 becomes #1. Now #3 becomes #2. Similarly #4 becomes #3 and #5 becomes #4 position. Finally your address will be placed in #5.

See what is going to happen when you joined and placed in #5 position?

Once you become a member, you will be provided with all the marketing tools and Softwares to promote your website (

If someone reads your website and if she/he is interested like you, they will send Money through payTM to you and all the ID’s mentioned in your website ( At this stage your ID will be moved to #4 position and a new member will be at #5 position. Now the #5 position member will do the same kind of marketing like you do and still you get Money through payTM as you are in #4th position.

That’s the reason that we have been able to attain multidimensional growth, investing every rupee after rigorous study and careful analysis of this business. While we do the re search encourage us & give our members enough confidence to get a 100% sage & assured return on investments.

Let's show a simple calculation "How you can be a multi rich

Lets assume you just recommend only 10 members then you make Rs.500 with your name at #5 position on the website. Now, each of the 10 persons who just sent you Rs.50/- each, refers the MINIMUM 10 persons, each with your name at #4 position, and that is another Rs.5000/- for you. Now those 10 each refers MINIMUM 10 persons with your name at #3 position and It will bring Rs.50,000!. Now, those 10 persons turn around MINIMUM 10 persons with your name at #2 position and you will make an additional Rs.5,00,000! OK, now here is the fun part, each of those 10 persons refers 10 with your name at #1 position, then you just made you Rs.50,00,000!!! In your hand.And all this with only 10 response. Imagine in case you refer more than 10. Sky is the limit. With an original investment of only Rs.350! AMAZING! You can also get the same amount in your account.